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What is EchoView ?

EchoView is a player utility for Tim Wisseman's famous PBEM game VGAPlanets . It will help you to plan your actions and to keep track of all the events and data during the game. EchoView is not a player interface, it's a starchart and database program with lots of inbuilt utilities such as hyperwarp help, data export functions, PHOST command interface and much more.

Do I need EchoView ?
If you play VGA Planets, then you probably need EchoView. It has been rated as best VGAP utility (41 votes out of 95) in The Official Favourite VGAP3 Utility Poll (offline now) and got the highest score (score 9.24 of 10 max, average program ratings voted upon by players and hosts) in the Neutral Zone VGAP archive (offline now). One more reason to get EchoView: The newest beta version of EchoView supports Tim Wisseman's HOST999 and PHOST 4.

Download the old official version 1.1 of EchoView here : echov11.zip (330005bytes)
Even though still in beta version, it is recommended to use the latest versions of EchoView which can be found below .The official version has some minor bugs, and does no longer reflect the current status of VGAP.
For a review of EchoView 1.1, see Will Koehler's article at the Planeteer Resurrection Site .

The new EchoView 1.2 beta versions
The last official beta version 1.2.15 beta was released in 1999. After almost 2 years of development and testing (many thanks to all the testers!), a new series of beta versions has been released, starting with version 1.2.20a beta . Major new features of these versions include:

NEW: 32-bit version of EchoView
Starting with version 1.2.21 beta, EchoView is released as 32-bit version . The 32-bit version has been tested under WinNT 4.0, Win2000, and Win98.
It is fully compatible with the 16-bit version, but runs much faster (for the battle simulation twice as fast) and smoother than the 16-bit version. The 32-bit version has been enhanced with 32-bit specific features such as more comfortable list windows and tool tips for the tool buttons.

Note: EchoView beta version usually still have bugs, and due to the growing complexity of the program, these bugs are sometimes not easy to find. Therefore, use at your own risk!

There is more on this web site:

EchoView beta versions and related stuff

The PHOST3 host add-on PQBOOST now released for Unix !

Other spin-offs from the EchoView programming:

Related third party utilities

ONLY FOR BETA-TESTERS(and people who are not afraid of beta versions, although most of my betaversions are pretty stable):

NOTE : The EchoView Beta versions may contain severe bugs resulting in data loss. The risk that a beta version may crash and cause havoc on your harddisc is greater than for the official version. See also the disclaimer in the help file.

32-bit versions

Download the latest beta version 1.2.24 of EchoView here : ev1224bv32.zip (632442 bytes, compiled 08/10/04)
This version supports PHOST 4.

The previous beta version 1.2.23: ev1223bv32.zip (633727 bytes, compiled 06/23/03)
The previous beta version 1.2.22: ev1222bv32.zip (611440 bytes, compiled 03/29/02)
The previous beta version 1.2.21: ev1221bv32.zip (601094 bytes, compiled 07/31/01)

16-bit versions

Due to a problem with compiling a 16-bit version of the PHOST combat DLL (pcombat.dll), 16-bit EV does not longer support PHOST4 battles. Use the 32-bit version instead. Otherwise, the 16-bit version is still supported and contains the same functionality as the 32-bit version.

Download the latest beta version 1.2.24 of EchoView here : ev1224b.zip (554200 bytes, compiled 08/10/04)
   This version supports the new HOST999 (shiplimit 999 ships) and HOST version .27
The fleet summary window of EchoView now contains the VGAPlayer Index (VPI) developped by Degi !!!

The previous beta version 1.2.22: ev1222b.zip (539359 bytes, compiled 03/29/02)
The previous beta version 1.2.21: ev1221b.zip (533440 bytes, compiled 07/31/01)
The previous beta version 1.2.20a: ev1220ab.zip (533251 bytes, compiled 03/23/01)
The previous beta version 1.2.15: ev1215b.zip (397265 bytes, compiled 04/13/99)
The previous beta version 1.2.14b: ev1214bb.zip (373321 bytes, compiled 11/30/98)
The previous beta version 1.2.14a: ev1214ab.zip (368589 bytes, compiled 10/11/98)
Beta version 1.2.14 is still available (no HOST999 support) : ev1214b.zip (368264 bytes, compiled 08/23/98)
Beta version 1.2.13a is still available : ev1213b.zip (346938 bytes, compiled 03/18/98)
If you have version 1.2.13 beta, make sureto upgrade immediately to 1.2.13a beta or higher !!!
These beta versions provide support for PHOST3 .
For those who use RandMax together with EchoView: The Randmax Binary page.

Note that the help file documentation for beta releases is probably incomplete. See the included TXT files for more info.

Programmers: Get the EchoView file formats here : EVFormat.txt

Other related software :

New version of SCANMESS.EXE (this file is NOT necessary for EchoView): scanexe.zip
ScanMess is a simple DOS-commandline program which scans through the incoming messages and generates a UTIL*.DAT file (see PHOST docs for more information) and a text file called SCANMESS.LOG which gives a summary of all scanned messages. The ScanMess message parser is inbuilt to EchoView, therefore users of EchoView don't need this program.

Something completely different for those who are interested in visual arts: Gesine Braun's homepage and her exhibition False Emotion

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